The Death of Orobian

Those Damn Shadow Stalkers!

So this past week Master Mindartis Velay and his companion Shardon lightfoot caught up with the rest of the team, however Fela stayed back in the upper room with the lever that opens the portcullis to rest and gather her thoughts for the up and coming blood bath she is about to ensue. The party vanquished several zombies and some deadly enemies that proved to be a thorn in their side, both Shardon Lightfoot the rogue, and Rivendare the paladin had a close brush with death as they tested the true extents of their mortality. The party found a +3 Great Mace that Rivendare now wields, and a longsword that master Mindartis Velay now wields. The party found a unique stone that they used to teleport to the town of avaste where they healed up and dedicated a temple of worship to the Platinum Dragon Bahamut! In the town they were also commissioned to collect undead skulls by the mayor, Lord Vanust; in order for the town to create a ward against the undead. Master Mindartis said he would stay back and reside at the house of wenches for a while, and prepare a powerful new ritual as the party continued forth and explored the caverns of Mogmo further.



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